Mastering Self Confidence Reviews

JOHN SPENCE / John Spence LLC One of the top business experts in the world.

"As one of the top business thought leaders in the world, I have been asked to review hundreds of training programs. I went through the modules and listened to the audio sessions and this is one of the few training courses that actually delivers what it promises. If you want to meet the woman of your dreams, there is some excellent advice here that will help you achieve that goal.”.

Yvonne Coleman Burney Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, Mpsy.D. Relationship & Self-Image Coach

I was extremely excited when I heard of the course Rich was preparing for men. I met Rich some years ago when I was the owner of two fashion magazines Designer Original and Boss Mann Magazine. Rich has a flare and eye for fashion being a cultured and worldly man that has exquisite taste in just about everything from fine wine, travel, good food to style in which has been his birthright coming from a family in the industry of fashion. We formed a friendship that has endured over time. When his book Wing Man made its debut, I knew he was canvassing and era untouched and very needed in the world of men. Every man desires to have their dream woman and the life they have dreamed of with confidence and ease. This new course I can adhere to will be the ultimate transformation for men and a precious gift to those women who will be blessed to receive a man that has taken this course. Rich covers everything from dressing a man, skin care, to teaching him the fundamentals of women and how to conduct themselves with confidence and assurance. These combinations of expertise and knowledge from Rich will not only transform men but cause them to shine in the world where they previously had lost their glow. I was honored to know Rich in the earlier years just because of his character and knowledge of the more exceptional things in life he has been nothing more than the ultimate classic example of a true man's essence. I am even more honored to have shared in this knowledge of his newest project in helping men restore and build their self-confidence. The course is a must have for any man that wants to level up his game.

Raymond L. LaPietra, Founder--CEO--Career Images Model & Talent Agency, Inc., CEO of Career Images Consulting and Career Images Productions.

"I have formally reviewed Rich Celenza's "Mastering Self Confidence" program and I am quite impressed. With over 37 years of experience in business both nationally and internationally I have never seen anything better on this topic. This program is content rich, informative and comprehensive enough to benefit anyone."

-Leslie C. Halpern, author of Scantily Clad Truths and 200 Love Lessons from the Movies

“I can’t think of anyone better qualified than Rich Celenza to teach a program on Mastering Self-Confidence. He has every right to be confident after accomplishing so much in his professional life through modeling, filmmaking, producing, directing, and writing, and in his personal life through bodybuilding, good grooming, personal style, generosity of spirit, and co-creating a wonderful romantic relationship with the woman of his dreams. This online course will help any man increase (if not fully master) the self-confidence needed to succeed at life and love.”

Reece Bautista - Lifeology Seeker, SpeakReecey

"What a no nonsense straight forward program. If yall are looking for a reminder on how to live right, listen to my man Rich Celenza coz HITCH aint got nothing on this guy. Common sense reminders on how to carry and present yourself. Its a great listen. It’s funny, intuitive and your confidence grows every minute you listen to it. Do yourself a favour and get with the program, you won’t regret it.”

Bill Kurzeja - Professional Sales Trainer and Coach

"I first read the book Wing Man and I learned very quickly that this was so much more than a book about how to meet women. This is a book about building and maintaining self-confidence. So when I found out about this course I was very excited and could not wait to experience it. I have to say that the program / class has meet my expectations and more. The program / class is filled with many steps and examples of both how and what it takes to build the confidence needed to meet new people and build lasting relationships. This is a great class and I could not recommended it more.“

Alexandra Babowice Creative Theorist and Artist. Company: JADELand Productions LLC Speaker at TEDxUMiami

"The Mastering Self Confidence program takes a look into a very interesting perspective on the way many men tend to think or behave. As a female, it is interesting to get a sense of what a man looks at/ for in a woman. How they tend to “judge” or interpret the female character through the opposite lens. The fact that it is available as an audio experience takes those details and perspective to the next level, and allows the reader to actually get insight from the male himself. I would recommend this experience as a guideline to any male or female looking to expand their knowledge on the opposite sex, or get a different perspective for their own self."

Joe Girolamo - Claim Consultants

"I was recently divorced and as much as I do not like to admit it to myself, my self confidence was down...after hearing Rich speak on self confidence & his knowledge of women and how to approach women with confidence, it has help me immensely on so many different occasions...thank u Rich for helping me get my self confidence with women back! I recommend the knowledge Rich exudes to anyone may need help in meeting women and lost that certain mojo, we all once had, but may have lost!"

John Lasak Senior Manager - Headquarters: Business to Business Pricing-VZW

"Rich does a great job explaining in intricate and easy to understand vernacular how to build up, project outwardly, and maintain a positive and commanding self-image. Rich gives relatable, real world examples of what to do and perhaps more importantly what NOT to do in certain situations that give the appearance to others that you are in control, a leader, and are someone others can count on to make good decisions no matter the circumstances. People are drawn to those characteristics, whether in business, relationships, and mentoring/parenting. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be successful in life."

Leonardo La Commere Chef / Nonno’s Italian Restaurant

"Back in February 2019 I took The Mastering Self Confidence Program and it changed my life. Rich Celenza knows what he's talking about!!!"

Frank Ricco- Game Changer

"One of a kind course!!!! Rich and course Mastering Self Confidence, has masterfully took away my butterflies and uncertainty while trying to meet beautiful women. I have never felt so confident in my entire life. There is tons and tons of hours of amazing content, it’s easy to follow, and gave me all of the tools and lessons I needed to master my self confidence! I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to improve their overall quality of life and get the woman of their dreams!!!!"

Greg Richey, RN.

"I’ve known Rich Celenza for 35 years. He is the most honest, genuine and hardworking men I’ve ever known. Every thing he puts his mind to he achieves it. I’ve read “Mastering Self Confidence “ and if follow Rich’s advise you will achieve not only the confidence to approach any women but to have a meaningful relationship with that person. He will also guide with your every day life with the belief in yourself to go after that job, try a new sport or just the courage to show people how truly special you really are! Rich will guide you from head to toe, utilizing all of your attributes. I’ve seen the confidence Rich exudes first hand and I personally know it can work for anyone."

Jim Cifaldi - Partner Cifaldi Construction

"I would definitely recommend the Mastering Self Confidence program to anyone looking for the woman of their dreams. This was a great program with a lot of hellful tips!!! 5 out of 5 stars!"

NEIL WOOD - Author of Amazon Best Seller, Dating Success After 40.

"High Fives to Rich Celenza for his terrific program, Mastering Self Confidence. His tips will help you find the right partner and avoid a lot of drama in the process. I see way too many women and men waste time and money on dates with mismatches. Rich's guide will help you target in on the ideal match, teach you how to communicate more effectively and how to WOW with kindness and with touch”.

Dale Dees World Renown Hair Stylist - Gold Medal Hairworld Championships President / Founder GG - GoGlam

“This program is amazing!!!!!!!!! The way Rich Celenza breaks it all down is very easy to follow and also entertaining. I love all the helpful hints from how to shower to mastering self confidence. A must have guide for any man looking to find the woman of his dreams.“

Kelly Bennett President - Bennett Unlimited PR

"Did you know that most beautiful women are lonely? Yes, those of us in high school were never asked out because (now we find out) that men were too afraid to ask. Confident men are hard to find, so I implore you to take this course - PLEASE - for the sake of gorgeous, exceptional women everywhere. They’re waiting for you!”

Richard Miranda Owner and Founder at Babalu Events

I have known Rich for a long time. He has always shown great leadership qualities. He has always been honest, keeps his word, professional and always does the right thing....even when no one is looking. He is the type of guy that if a cashier made a mistake and gave him too much money back, and he figured it out when he got into his car, he would go back in the store and return the money. That's called integrity!!!!

Nando Miguel Actor - SAG - AFTRA

Rich's guide to Mastering Self-Confidence is really enlightening. I'm a man that from the outside seems to have it all together with a good career and decent looks but that doesn't mean i'm full of confidence. Its actually the contrary. I appreciate Rich's sense of the common man and how we can lack confidence. You can tell he gets it. His no nonsense and comprehensive approach has been very helpful to getting my confidence up.

Donna Bucci Professor At National Louis University

"I have been blessed to know Rich (Richie) Celenza for over 30 years. He is the most honest, caring person I know. Reading his books, listening to his podcast, and watching his youtube channel provides his passion, humor, as well as nonsense talk. His "Mastering Self Confidence” program speaks from his heart and tells it like it is. He has always been willing to share what he knows because he believes that one can have anything he/she desires as long as they are given the proper guidance. Rich(ie)’s knowledge of fashion, beauty, and self acceptance of who you are has always been part of who I am."

Walter L. Clark - Literary Manager

"Richard Celenza is one of the most confident and polished individuals I have ever met. His program reflects the balance between ability, intellect, courage and self-confidence he has developed in order to remain successful. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, even those not struggling with self-confidence."

Nancy Veloo, Founder of A Bon Bon Life, Lifestyle Blog

"When it comes to mastering self confidence, Rich is the person to teach you and inspire you to make it happen. Rich has enabled me to follow my dreams and get myself out there with my Lifestyle Blog - A Bon Bon Life. He taught me who I am, and what I want to do, engage with your audience and be confident in myself to share my stories, mastering my self confidence." Great working with you! Have a Bon Bon Day! https://abonbonlife.com/

Tevis Stier - Scheduling Analyst / Work Force Management for CONCENTRIX

NOT JUST FOR SINGLE GUYS - I've got to tell you after researching the MSC program, even being in a long term relationship (5+ years with an amazing woman), there are things here in this program that speak to me, as I still sometimes have issues with self confidence. There are also things RICH CELENZA writes and talks about that I had already taken to heart years ago, but never thought about articulating, especially regarding style. I do think the advice the program offers would be helpful to a lot of guys. I know I have needed advice like this from time to time growing up. Who am I kidding, I'm in my 40's now and still need to hear these things from time to time, otherwise I'd have a tendency to backslide and allow myself to get into a comfortable rut. At the end of the day, it helps to have the confidence to be yourself, and not be afraid to show that to the world.

Mina Scumaci Founder / CEO Scumaci International

"If you need advice on how to feel better about yourself or to feel more confident in different areas of your life, then Rich Celenza is your guy and Mastering Self Confidence is your guide! This program delivers a lot of sound advice and no nonsense techniques every man can use every day. Rich is very motivating and he practices what he preaches. You only get one life to live why not live it to your full potential?"

Adam Clark - Senior Account Executive SE US - Psycho Bunny

“Rich’s advice is real.…he touches on the things that guys overlook or need to do more of around women.. And speaking of touching, your hands are more powerful and sensual than you think, use them.”

Mohamed Ali - Professional Model

Very exciting Program and book. I liked the introduction of it very clear and it gets to the pinpoint and I love that for every case scenario there's a folder separates was very easy to navigate and to be able to go back and check on a certain case scenario for everyone's need I like the audio voice it was very clear and I feel the passion of it and I got so much information from it!!!

Jill Selvaggi - Artist

"Rich Celenza is here to help you with his step by step program in Mastering Self Confidence Program and wading through the pool of dating. He touches on topics of online dating or the way people meet their partners: through mutual friends, in bars, at work, in educational institutions, at church, through their families, and so on. Technologies are meant to enable us to contact more people, more often, and in this way “network” with others. With his help applied to dating, you can find the match of your dreams."

Michael Geene Stylists / Missionary

"I have memories of Rich Celenza going back over 40 years. I watched him evolve into the man he is today. Screen writer, producer, author, father, friend and family man. His sense of humor is second to none, and his sense of style even better! Rich knows how to help people believe in themselves and help them build the confidence needed to go after whatever they may desire. And if you’re looking for great Italian Restaurants in North America, he’s definitely the one to ask!!!!"

Michael Angelo - Owner at Peerless Painting Co.

"Very easy to follow and it just makes sense. I catch myself subconsciously applying some of the technique's and they really work. Great buy with lasting advice. Highly recommend."

Tiago San - Outside Sales Representative

"Rich's guidance has helped me and couple of my friends to achieve personal and business goals. The Mastering Self Confidence (MSC) program is easy to understand and follow. I guarantee that your life will not be the same. Treat yourself and start enjoying of a better life like I am right now!!!!!!!"

Kyle K-Williams - Internet Sales Director & Sales Manager Huston Cadillac Buick GMC

"A Program of true self worth, self confidence and overall success program allowing those who lacked the mentality and confidence to go after what they want!!!!

Let RICH Help You Master Your Self Confidence...